Customer Service

At Renditions, we believe in old fashioned customer service.

So before we ever put a shovel in the ground, we planned the golf course, the clubhouse and even the entry experience around pleasing our guests.

Have you ever been to a golf course for the first time and not known which clubhouse door to walk through? Or whether to change into your golf shoes at your car or inside? At Renditions, we designed our entry road to lead directly to an attended bag drop, where our trained guest services staff will greet you before you even get out of your car. If you are part of an event, we will tell you your tee time, which hole you are starting on, where the registration is taking place, and where you will find your bag once you decide to warm up prior to your round of golf.

And by the way, feel free to walk through our front door (it opens directly into our Golf Shop.) And yes, we have a locker room where you can change your shoes.  You might even find a “FISH” or two in our clubhouse.  What’s “FISH” you ask?  Check with our staff and they’ll fill you in!

Enjoy your day and have fun!